passage to new worlds

We bring you well-researched non-fiction books that raise awareness of the issues we face as members of the global community.
They recount the lives of people from far afield, offer new and unusual perspectives and bring us closer to distant countries and
regions. These are books that are going places.

book production + editing

passage is well-connected and works with publishers, authors, journalists, opinion leaders and specialists, discusses the issues and ensures they reach the public. We contribute articles, design and edit special publications, carry out press relations and chair and facilitate events.

press relations + facilitation

passage is out and about in Africa
We support journalists that report from remote regions in Africa (from a European perspective) and write from the margins. Their reports and political analyses are indispensable in understanding the political situation in African countries, appreciating other life-
worlds and re-examining the relationship between Europe and Africa.


passage explores global issues
Socially engaged non-fiction is an informative and opinion-forming medium that examines the causes and effects of globalisation in the north and south and points to alternatives.

  • Poverty and food security
  • Agriculture and consumer protection
  • Production and consumption
  • Global economy and trade
  • Displacement and migration
  • Aid and solidarity
  • Family and society
  • Age and dementia
  • Art and Cultures